Jorge Aparicio (Fito) – Photographer

Jorge Aparicio (Fito) – Photographer at Rhythyms Colours Flavours of Peru

Faces of my Land an Incentive to preserve the Quechua Language for a new generation. What is Fito’s intention with the project ‘ Faces of My Land’? To capture photographically the faces, lifestyles and landscapes of a dying race of people; the elderly people who remain direct descendants of the Incas, living a subsistence lifestyle such as their forefathers lived since time immemorial. They reside in the tough mountain climbs of Cusco in Peru and its surrounds, right up to the heights of Machu Picchu. These people are in the minority in a culture that has its roots in the distant past with the Inca civilization.

This includes the last speakers of the language ‘Quechua’ which is based on the ancient Inca language. These elderly folk never learned to speak Spanish, nor took on the introduced ways of the various ‘ new comers’ to Peru.