Jorge Chacon (Chef)

Jorge Chacon (Chef) at Rhythyms Colours Flavours of Peru

Born in Lima, with family from the Cuzco Highlands on his father’s side, and the tropical Amazon on his mother’s side, Jorge Chacon has always been exposed to and inspired by the diverse style of cooking ingredients and flavours that Peruvians use for the foundations of ‘Cocina Criolla’ (translated: Creole Kitchen). Now, after working in a range of kitchens in Sydney for over two decades including Star City and achieving formal chef qualifications, Chacon has become highly respected in his niche field of cooking.

Chacon’s Peruvian cuisine has been showcased at food festivals across the country and on SBS’s Food Safari. He currently works as a chef at the Australian Turf Club in Sydney’s Randwick as well as a Commercial Cookery teacher at Ultimo TAFE in Sydney, he’s an ideal ambassador for those not only into exploring the history and culture of Peru through its cuisine, but also for learning some tricks of the trade to use while cooking at home.