Sarambe at Rhythyms Colours Flavours of Peru

Sarambe is an eight piece Afro Peruvian band powered by typical afro peruvian percussion; cajon, congas, bongo, cowbell, chekere and quijada. Brought to harmonic life with flamenco and jazz influenced guitar, bass and violin, plus beautiful vocal harmonies.

The music evolved from rhythms of Africa brought to Peru with the early slave trade, then fused with harmony of Spanish and then jazz influences. A combination of the high energy, joyous festejo with the groovy, dark and sensuous lando, as well as other rhythms, gives range and variety to the textures and tempos of the repertoire.

Band members:

Isabel Leon – vocals (Peru),

Mauro Enrique Leon – Percussion (Peru)

Juan Carlos Rios – Guitar, Vocals (Peru)

Giorgio Rojas – Percussion (Peru),

Julio Candela – Percussion (Peru),

Richard Valdez – Vocals (Peru)

Tina Harris – Bass, Vocals (Canada)

Simon Ranguis – Violin (Australia/Uruguay)